Sunday, 26 June 2011

Big Dog

Here is a speed painting I did last night, inspired by a scene from Brian Aldiss' Non-Stop.  I suppose this is a bit of a spoiler for anybody who hasn't read it, but I'll say no more, other than it's an absolutely amazing book.


  1. Now for a speed painting this is good! I'm happy if I can pencil in the guidelines to a drawing in an evening let alone have a painted image!!

  2. Thank you :)
    I'm not sure if it's down to impatience or not, but I do enjoy working relatively fast. Although this piece, I did late one evening, and really thought I was wasting my time, so I shut down and went to bed. Opened the file the following morning, and it looked so much better than I thought it did, and suddenly became easy to finish.

    It's funny the effect a good night's sleep can have.

  3. I know what you mean and I use that time away as a good indicator of what I've done. I can come back to something with fresh eyes and do bits that now don't look right or (on that rarer occasion) be happy enough to sign it off!

    If I don't like something on paper it tends to get srewed up into a ball and hurled bad temperedly into the bin. pressing delete on the computer doesn't quite have the same soothing release of annoyance! Still it means I end up keeping more of my stuff and work on it another day :)