Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Painting songs

In a previous entry I talked about the fusion of art and music. For years I thought it was perfectly normal to associate colours and textures with sounds and music. Then one day I read about synasthesia, and realised that this was not something everybody experienced, and a few years ago, I decided to put it to the test.

Peter Gabriel's music remains closest to me, as he was the first artist I seriously got into at the impressionable age of 15. His use of music and imagery, from his album sleeves to song videos simply blew me away, and in fact probably inspired me to become a graphic designer. However, a few years ago, I decided to try and 'illustrate' several Gabriel songs, based on the colours, forms and textures that came to mind whilst playing the music.

I produced about 6 pieces in total, all of a similar abstract style – which wasn't at all planned. I did send copies of the finished pieces to Peter's fanmail address. I wonder if he ever got to see them. I haven't looked them for a while, but upon doing so this morning, I'm thinking it's time they went back online, maybe in a new section of my main website. In the meantime, shown above is one of them, and my personal favourite, which was created to Gabriel's track, "Come Talk To Me".

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