Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Venturing into dark corners...

When you work on an album, its inevitable that there will be "leftovers" and other half-finished ideas. Tracks which didn't quite fit, or somehow weren't right for the final album. It is always worth keeping hold of these, and more often than not, when you revisit them later on, you can usually hear their potential and see just what is needed to complete them.

I've been amassing a collection of such tracks over the last couple of years, and have recently worked through the best of them, creating a whole new album in the process – Dark Corners.

It is very easy to overwork a track and somehow lose the initial spark that held it together. So for this project, I have deliberately kept all the tracks close to their original 'demo' state. Obviously any blundering mistakes have been ironed out and I've mixed the tracks to sound consistent, but there is still a pleasing spontaneous feel to the music.

Dark Corners was an appropriate title in many ways. Many of these tracks – unintentionally – had a much darker vibe, and were clearly something different to the science fiction or dream-based tracks I had previously been working on. A dark, psychological theme started emerging as the tracks were finished off. Something a little unsettling and questioning.

The full album download of ten tracks does with a digital booklet, containing a specially-written introduction by Richard Hayes...

"Something moves in the shadows. Just outside our field of view. We cannot be sure what it is. Perhaps we have imagined it. But perhaps not."

The track Scarred is available to stream on Soundcloud.

Dark Corners will be available via Bandcamp on 8th January.

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