Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Crossover is coming...

My latest music album project, Crossover, is now complete and will be released via Bandcamp on Friday 30th March as a digital download. A limited CD version of the album will also be available shortly afterwards.

I will be launching Crossover as part of my art and music display at this year’s Eastercon SF&F convention in Harrogate, over the Easter weekend. The CD version will be available alongside some of my other albums, again a limited quantity specially produced on CD for the event.

Here is a brief taster of Crossover:

I have always tried to tell stories or envisage certain scenarios in my music, despite it being instrumental. Crossover takes that storytelling to another level, and one that I have been striving towards.

Having abandoned any kind of typical song structure, this has been a very free-flowing, experimental and often challenging process, but one that to me as an artist, feels much more like painting than making music.

Looking back to the progressive rock and pioneering electronic albums of the 1970s, I wanted to capture that same kind of style and way of thinking... to create a musical adventure; a sonic dreamlike world to explore via a flowing piece of music that transcends several movements.

Crossover was originally going to be one long continuous track, but then I started thinking about how the two sides of a vinyl LP always worked so well, and I decided it would be a two part album, made up of two long, evolving tracks. Of course, once the ideas started flowing, a third piece of music gradually emerged.

The end result is a three-part album with a running time of just under 45 minutes. The project seemed to develop its own beginning, middle and end sections, resulting in three long sections that fit together and tell the story.

But what is the story?

While the concept behind the project is about a change or a journey, quite how this can be interpreted is up to you...

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