Thursday, 6 February 2014

The wonders of creativity

I’ve never enjoyed making music as much as I have over the last 18 months. Hopefully my output is testament to that – but I’m not the one to decide this. With my last two releases, Future Worlds and Beyond the Boundary and my upcoming album Traces, I feel I’ve not only done my best work to date, but finally found my sound, style and direction. 

But it hasn’t been the easiest ride. All this output is the result of the most difficult period of my personal life I’ve ever had to get through. And I’m still getting through it. However, creativity works in mysterious ways, and at a time when one part of me feels completely shut down and and in dire need of a reboot, another part has kicked into action and sent me on this musical creative flurry. A good deal of that has been a process of catharsis as well as an emotional distraction.

Creativity certainly works in mysterious ways. And where does it come from?! Whether you’re an artist, musician, writer etc, there’s always that part of your brain that years to create, and isn’t content until you’ve at least had a go at getting whatever idea is niggling away at your brain down in some form. You also have those days when nothing comes at all, and whatever you try ends in frustrating failure. But then come the golden moments, when something great just seems to fall out of the sky and land at your fingertips, and you get on a roll. I think at the core of creativity is a degree of self-satisfaction. I certainly started out making music purely for my own enjoyment – but if you’re really into what you’re doing and fired up by it, there’s bound to be loads of other people out there who will love it and connect with it too. And that’s the really rewarding part.

I’ve always viewed myself as primarily a visual artist, having stumbled into my own self-taught musical world. But recently, all my creative energies have been directed towards making music, rather than artwork. I’ve done some artwork, but compared to a few years ago when I was nearly always working on a piece or an idea, it’s been few and far between of late, giving music a priority. With that in mind, I do look forward to getting back into artwork and doing something new.

However, being honorary musician for the I4IS has certainly given me good reason to prioritise my music, and that journey isn’t over yet – far from it, we’re just at the beginning of a long and exciting adventure.

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