Thursday, 1 October 2015

When inspiration strikes...

I hadn't planned to make or release another album this year, having released Sentient City in January, and Panorama (in support of the Initiative for Interstellar Studies) in June. But, when inspiration strikes, you just have to take the reins, and see where it leads you!

That was very much the case with this unanticipated new album. As I've mentioned countless times, one of my all-time favourite artists is French electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre. It's really my love for Jarre's music that led to me making my own. So earlier this year, when Jarre announced a new album of collaborations - Electronica (Vol 1), due out later this month - I was naturally very excited!

However, it was during one of the track teasers a few months ago, that I recognised a digital synth sound that I have used in my own music countless times, since I began my own musical journey, nine years ago. 

My immediate reaction was: "That's my sound!!" This was the first time I'd heard this particular synth used in anything outside of my own compositions, and it reminded me just what a great lead it is, so I decided to dust off the midi keyboard, plug in and play. The last time I had used this particular sound was (I think) on my 2012 album, Inferno

That was really the genesis of this new album project, which then came together very quickly. Before I knew it, I had 8 tracks in the making - the ideas and music just flowed, which is the most satisfying sensation. 

I soon rounded it up to ten tracks, including a reworked piece left over from the Traces album, that I'd been wanting to complete for a while. I've some ideas for one or two possible bonus tracks, too.

What started out as just a bit of playing around, has resulted in what I feel to be some of my best work to date. Although that's not really for me to decide... 

But that's all for now. I'll be writing more about the album soon, revealing track names, cover artwork and of course the album title. 

Watch this space!

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