Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Back Into the Light (again)

This time in 2007 - ten whole years ago - I was in the middle of creating my first proper album, Into the Light; music inspired by travel, dreams and much more. It's incredible that a whole decade has passed since then. In fact, I refuse to accept it!

But, it's true. I'm ten years older and wiser, and if I'm honest, I have made much more accomplished music since then. But, Into the Light remains a favourite of mine, and it was a very personal project for me too, as detailed in this blog post on the album from 2014.

It's always saddening to know you can never quite recapture something, whether it's something you're creating or a place you've been to that held a special value. But there are always glimmers, and an urge to revisit such things or places.

And with that in mind, what better way to celebrate it's anniversary by starting work on a sequel, which will be called Back Into the Light.

While I know I can't re-capture the exact influences, places or moments that fuelled the music on my d├ębut, I can return to a certain mindset and way of thinking and working, and build on what I established and indeed learnt from making that original album, which defined my sound and style.

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