Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Stepping Back Into the Light

When I first started experimenting with the idea of making music back in early 2006, I had no idea if it would work – if as an un-trained musician, I could create anything listenable, whether it be for my own enjoyment or (dare I say it) anybody else.

It was a long and slow process, but it worked – and I soon discovered the creative stimulation, enjoyment and satisfaction in making my own music was akin to that of creating artwork. One uses colours, the other uses sounds, but my approach and thinking was the same. It was all about applying layer upon layer of sound, to form another world in which to escape.

After several quick demo album ideas, in the spring of 2007, I started work on what I regard as my first true album, having found my sound, style and direction – Into the Light.

The title came about after a very vivid dream. In the dream I had been shot, and suddenly found myself hurtling towards a bright light. Of course as I entered the light, I woke up. But the months that followed were also a very special time for me personally, and all of that optimism combined with travel went into the music.

Ten years on, when I look back at Into the Light, although I can hear the sound of an amateur, untrained musician finding his way, there's also the memories of a special moment in life, that you know can never be repeated or recaptured. Plus, I was regurgitating years of musical influence that I had stored up, and discovering the thrill and excitement of making music.

I never thought I would make as many self-produced/released albums as I have in the decade that has passed – but each one has been a learning curve, a new adventure and attempt to better myself and my abilities (from playing to mixing and the whole technical side), with the satisfaction that I'm able to put my work out into the world for likeminded folk to hear.

So here we are in 2017, and it's time to step back into the light. It seems fitting to return to those musical worlds and ways of thinking ten years on – although many things have changed in that time, including myself. It has also been fun to play with some of the synth sounds and presets that I used on Into the Light – revisiting some of the sounds I haven't worked with for a long time, somehow took me back to those early days of making music (or trying to) and the spontaneity that went with it... how discovering a certain sound could form the basis of an entire track.

So without further ado, here are brief excerpts from three of the new tracks. More soon!

Back Into the Light - album preview #1 on Soundcloud

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